Monday, September 26th, 2011

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Thursday, May 7th, 2009

Glenn Beane is a well-known inventor with 34 Patents/Patent Pending inventions in the areas of Renewable Energy, Manufacturing Technology, and Materials.  Glenn Beane has been featured in articles in TIME (Invention of the Year) and FORTUNE Magazines, and licenses technology worldwide.

For the past five years Glenn Beane has been focused on creating energy related technology and has developed a revolutionary invention, known as GWAVE™, that for the first time in the history of renewable energy converts low-density natural resources, wind and water, into high power density energy comparable to the power density of fossil fuels.  GWAVE™ has been validated by Alion Science and Technology, a world leader in delivering technical expertise and operational support to the Department of Defense, civilian governmental agencies, and commercial customers:

[Alion Science and Technology, Glenn Beane Ocean Power Generation Project, Proof-of-Concept Study, Final Report, April 9, 2008]

“As a result, this study has successfully demonstrated and validated Mr. Beane’s concept to adequately harness the available power contained within the ocean to produce a power dense, renewable, non-polluting energy free of any carbon emissions.  With simulated power generation levels already approaching 1.5 megawatts over a relatively small footprint during this proof-of-concept study, continued investigations and further model tests could, conceivably, result in levels of 2 megawatts or higher.  To provide a perspective, the World’s Energy Total, which includes oil, coal, nuclear, hydro, etc., is approximately 15,000 gigawatts.  This entire amount of energy could be generated by Mr. Beane’s invention in an area roughly 40 miles long by 40 miles wide, comprising only .000012th of the ocean’s surface.”

“Alion Science and Technology has successfully modeled Mr. Beane’s invention using industry-accepted computer simulation software and has provided test results to indicated that the concept is a valid concept to produce renewable, carbon free, non-polluting energy with a high power density.  With simulated power generation levels of well above one megawatt being produced over an area of ocean less than a tenth on an acre in size, this concept has the potential to provide energy to the world unlike any source currently available.” 

This project is entering the commercialization phase, and Glenn Beane is assembling a team of private and public partners to build and deploy multiple GWAVE™ demonstration projects and follow-on GWAVE™ infrastructures throughout the world.


Monday, September 17th, 2007

In the same way that our lungs cannot be separated from the air we breathe, our national energy policy has not been able to be separated from the energy we use. For the past 200 years our energy policy has been based upon depleting non-renewable, carbon based, natural resources. This is institutionalized within our government and existing energy policy and all of our laws, rules and regulations. It is a multi-trillion dollar business. The problem is, after breathing 200 years of carbon based fuels, our planet needs a new set of lungs and some clean air.

I propose that a DEPARTMENT OF RENEWABLE ENERGY be created for the exclusive purpose of dramatically reducing carbon based fuels in the United States and that legislation be enacted to guarantee that non-depleting, renewable, natural resources (such as solar, wind, and ocean power) be exempt from licensing and taxation by the United States government, the exact opposite from how our existing energy policy for depleting carbon based natural resources functions today. I would then get out of the way and let the free market economy do its thing. There will be an explosion of innovation and problem solving, and the United States will be looked upon as a leader in ending global warming and bringing peace to our planet. And what a breath of fresh air that would be!  If this does not happen we face a future in which the Department of the Interior will be auctioning off our natural, renewable, resources to giant corporations such as Mobil.


Sunday, June 24th, 2007

Several years ago I realized that we were screwed, and that if the peoples of the world waited for and depended upon our governments and corporations to solve the “energy problem” that we would all have a very long wait. Our planet cannot sustain our future, and there will be no future for much of the world, unless we dramatically change the way we make energy and use it. The next hundred years will be filled with wars, in which the developed nations of the world will prevent everyone else from developing because our planet cannot sustain it, and people can’t afford it. And I’m an optimist. I’m also a firm believer that we create our own future, and this is what I decided to do - create a solution for this mess - because but for energy, our world’s a pretty nice place. I will be using the blog as an online workspace to document the history and progress of my invention. Stay tuned…

Glenn Beane “Invention Of The Year” TIME MAGAZINE 2000

Saturday, June 23rd, 2007

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